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Meet Your Instructor 8-Time TEDx Talker, Frank King

In 2016 Frank King began coaching potential T-Talkers, when a number of his speaker coaching clients approached him and asked if he would coach them on scoring a T-Talk opportunity. Since then, dozens of his clients have done their first T-Talk, several have done two, and one has done three! Frank King was a writer for the Tonight Show for 20 years, and he holds the record for the longest non-stop comedy club road trip ever. Beginning the day after Christmas in 1985, he and his wife (who must have the patience of Job) were on the road 2,629 nights in a row, comedy club to comedy club with no home, just a PO Box and voice mail. He shared the stage with Jerry Seinfeld, Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White, Adam Sandler, Dennis Miller, Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O'Donnell, Dr. Ken Joeng, Rita Sirleaf and Kevin James among others. Since becoming a public speaker on Suicide Prevention in 2014, he's done 7 T-Talks.

Ready For Some T-Talk Coaching...

Let's Get You That T-Talk!


Quick Details

TIME: 3 one-hour sessions COACH: Frank King

  • Find the links to apply for a T-Talk.
  • Discover your "idea worth sharing".
  • Align your message with the specific T-Theme.
  • Write your title and subtitle.
  • Uncover where and when T-talks take place in your area.
  • Perfect your written pitch to the T-Talk community.
  • Create a compelling video pitch.
  • Apply in a way that stands out.
  • Videotape your pitch and add it to YouTube.
  • Rewrite and polish your submission.

In This Live, Face-To-Face, One-On-One, Zoom Coaching Program, Frank King Will Coach You How To:


Quick Details

TIME: 3 one-hour sessions COACH: Frank King

  • Expand your "idea worth spreading"
  • Identify correlating stories.
  • Create a compelling call-to-action.
  • Video record your 5-minute audition and review.
  • Prepare for, and rock, the 5 to 10 minute Q & A following your audition.
  • Create a compelling 5-minute summary to present to the T-Talk

You Are Accepted For The Second Round Of Auditions, Now What?! Before You Are Accepted To Do A T=Talk, There Is A Second Round Of Auditions. In This Coaching Package, Frank King Will Show You How To:


Quick Details

TIME: 6 one-hour sessions COACH: Frank King

  • Turn your idea worth spreading, 5-minute audition and 10-minute Q and A into your T-Talk.
  • Grab them with your opening and close strong.
  • Create T-Talk worthy PowerPoints slides.
  • Include numbers and statistics for the left-brain audience members.
  • Move the audience emotionally.
  • Create your aha! moment.

You're Accepted! Don't Panic, As We Will Help You Write Your Complete T-Talk.

You're Accepted! Don't Panic, As We Will Help You Write Your Complete T-Talk.

You Will Learn:

Once You Are Selected, You Will Learn How To Turn Your Idea Worth Spreading, Your 5-Minute Audition, And Your Answers To The 10-Minute Q And A Into A Spellbinding 18-Minute T-Talk.

You Will Also Learn:

  • Memorize your T-Talk and video record it, without an audience.
  • Have a practice in front of a live audience.
  • Have a final review so you are ready to perform with confidence.
  • Bullet List Item
  • Review recording and making changes as needed.

Find out if your "topic is stage worthy" IS T-Talk WORTHY

A T-talk is a GREAT WAY to:

  • Promote your Brand, book and message
  • How much money will it save (or make) your customer?
  • Have a fantastic video
  • Segue to being a paid speaker
  • Get your message seen by millions
  • Help humanity

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Public Speaking Coach

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So, we got you that T-Talk, now what?

  • Segue to being a paid speaker


One one-hour one-on-one Zoom session once a week, unlimited email and texts, until you get a T-Talk. Includes a bonus of three hours of professional speaker marketing advice, to get the most out of becoming a T-Talker.

Keynotes And Training

As Virtual Presentations

Not only can you and I do our keynotes and trainings as virtual presentations, thanks to Modern Technology, we can do them in 10 different languages, close captioned, in real time!

We can become international speakers and never leave our living room! Think of the possibilities.

Public Speaking Coach

Frank King / Speaker Trainer

"You can make a difference. You can change a life.

I can show you how."

Frank King is neither affiliated with, nor connected to, in any way, the T-Talk organization, or any T-Talk event.

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